It sucks when you do everything you possibly can for someone and it’s still not enough. I will always remember the first person I truly loved. It just sucks they didn’t love me back.

Why do I have to get so jealous… being insecure sucks


This is why I love my city …
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Speaks for itself

Falling for you is the scariest thing I’ve ever been through. You’re the only person in the world that could hurt me the most I’ve ever been hurt because of how deep I feel for you.
I could be arguing with you one minute then hugging and kissing you the next. When I’m around you its like nothing else in the world matters.
Falling in love with someone is the scariest yet best experience I’ve ever had.

Clearing my head


Fiction vs So far away

In love with his voice

Be so blunt that they could smoke your truth
Mark Patterson (via kushandwizdom)